Hoyle Card Games 2007

Hoyle Card Games 2007

Welcome to the more biggest collection of card games in just one program
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Welcome to the more biggest collection of card games in just one program. The best feature of Hoyle Card Games is, by far, the number of games to be played. It has all the major variations of poker, such as Texas Hold’em and Five Card Stud, lots of standard single-player card games like Solitaire and Memory.
You'll be able to choose from three main categories: Solo Games, Team Games, and Competitive Games. Depending on the game that is chosen, difficulty may change, there may or may not be a great deal of difficulty involved. Some games represent a difficulty that a small child can play, others like Solitaire and Texas Hold'em, have medium-difficulty. On the high end, you can also choose to play games that require a bit more thinking and planning, like Pinochle and Euchre. The entire game has a big, entertaining cast of people made up of many unique characters, that interact with each other, and can talk with you during the game. It also has another nice features, you can create your own character, customizing everything from facial features to clothes, along with a voice and attitude. The audio needs to be better, it is generally laughable.
A problem arise with graphical user interface system, left a lot to be desired. If you try to play fast it is very easy click a wrong button because of its naming scheme. You can take your player online and play against other card players, but the community is too small yet. There was also a button for online tournaments, but there weren't any available. The online GUI was also very broken, with buttons floating on top of each other that shouldn't have been.
The program is also full of bugs out of the box, both graphically and in code. It crashes numerous times, and downloading updates can take over an hour.
In my opinion, the potential of Hoyle Card Games is not exploited.

Review summary


  • Has big variations of poker
  • Very nicely-done characters
  • You can have dialogues with other players


  • Graphical user interface could be better
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